vt100: include pgmspace.h as we use PROGMEM macro
[aversive.git] / config / config.in
2015-02-08 Gregor Rieplconfig: fixed invalid programer name in config.in
2015-01-26 Gregor Rieplconfig: add new programmers supported by avrdude and...
2014-05-24 Olivier Matzcallout: add a new module which is an alternative to...
2014-05-24 Olivier Matzxbee: add a new module
2013-09-29 Olivier Matzadd atmega1284p and atmega168p
2013-08-06 Olivier Matzadd arduino and avr911 avrdude programmers
2013-08-06 Olivier Matzadd atmega328p
2013-08-06 Olivier Matzadd atxmega128a1
2013-05-17 Olivier Matzconfig: add support of avrdude avr isp mkii
2013-05-17 Olivier Matzconfig: add support of attiny45
2010-01-20 zer0first hostsim project
2010-01-19 zer0merge
2010-01-19 zer0hostsim test
2009-12-19 zer0fixed point in robot system
2009-12-19 zer0ini