test mbuf attach
[dpdk.git] / app / test / test_mbuf.c
2020-08-03 Olivier Matztest mbuf attach tmp_20200803
2020-06-11 Xiaolong Yetest/mbuf: fix a dynamic flag log
2020-04-25 Luca Boccassifix various typos found by Lintian
2020-02-06 Viacheslav Ovsiienkotest/mbuf: check pinned external buffer
2019-11-08 Viacheslav Ovsiienkoethdev: move egress metadata to dynamic field
2019-10-26 Olivier Matzmbuf: support dynamic fields and flags
2019-10-24 Pallantla Poornimatest/mbuf: add unit test on mbuf flag names
2019-10-24 Lavanya Govindarajantest/mbuf: add unit test cases
2019-10-24 Morten Brøruptest/mbuf: add case for bulk alloc/free functions
2019-10-16 Stephen Hemmingermbuf: add a copy routine
2019-10-16 Stephen Hemmingertest/mbuf: fix forged mbuf in clone test
2019-06-27 David Marchandtest: skip tests when missing requirements
2019-04-02 Konstantin Ananyevmbuf: add function to generate raw Tx offload value
2019-02-26 Bruce Richardsontest: move to app directory
2017-02-28 Ferruh Yigittest: move unit tests to separate directory
2017-01-15 Tomasz Kulasekmbuf: add a function to linearize a packet
2016-07-21 Jerin Jacobapp/test: fix ring size
2016-07-15 Thomas Monjalonapp/test: rework command registration
2016-07-01 Bruce Richardsonmempool: rename functions with confusing names
2016-05-24 Thomas Monjalonapp/test: shorten execution time
2016-05-19 Hiroyuki Mikitambuf: decrease reference counter when detaching
2016-02-11 Jerin Jacobmbuf: fix performance with 128-byte cache line
2016-02-10 Huawei Xieremove extra parentheses in return statement
2015-06-24 Cyril Chemparathyeal: add and use unaligned integer types
2015-06-22 Tetsuya Mukawaapp/test: fix crash after mbuf allocation failure
2015-04-28 Olivier Matzapp/test: check cloning with different priv sizes
2015-04-28 Olivier Matzapp/test: check cloning a clone
2015-04-28 Olivier Matzapp/test: enhance mbuf refcnt check
2015-04-28 Olivier Matzapp/test: rename mbuf variable
2015-04-28 Olivier Matzapps: use helper to create mbuf pools
2015-03-10 David Marchandtailq: remove unneeded inclusions
2015-02-23 Sergio Gonzalez... mbuf: remove build option to disable refcnt
2014-11-27 Sergio Gonzalez... add prefix to cache line macros
2014-11-27 David Marchandapp: no more bare metal environment
2014-09-17 Bruce Richardsonmbuf: split mbuf across two cache lines.
2014-09-17 Olivier Matzmbuf: replace data pointer by an offset
2014-09-17 Olivier Matzmbuf: remove the rte_pktmbuf structure
2014-09-17 Olivier Matzmbuf: remove rte_ctrlmbuf
2014-09-17 Olivier Matzmbuf: rename RTE_MBUF_SCATTER_GATHER into RTE_MBUF_REFCNT
2014-08-26 David Marchandapp/test: convert all tests to register system
2014-06-10 Bruce Richardsonremove trailing whitespaces
2014-05-16 Stephen Hemmingeradd FILE argument to debug functions
2014-02-26 Thomas Monjalonapp/test: fix build without librte_cmdline
2014-02-25 Bruce Richardsonupdate Intel copyright years to 2014
2013-10-09 Inteldoc: whitespace changes in licenses
2013-09-17 Intelapp: add a test on mbuf alignment
2013-07-25 Intelupdate copyright date to 2013
2013-07-25 Intelapp: various tests update
2013-07-05 Intelremove version in all files
2013-03-11 Intelfirst public release