test mbuf attach
[dpdk.git] / meson_options.txt
2020-04-23 Jerin Jacobtrace: introduce new subsystem
2020-02-14 Thomas Monjalonnet/mlx: add static ibverbs linkage with meson
2020-02-05 Dharmik Thakkarcrypto/armv8: enable meson build
2020-01-20 Jerin Jacobconfig: disable Linux kernel modules by default
2019-11-20 Marcin Baranbuild: change ABI versioning to global
2019-11-19 David Marchandbuild: remove unneeded meson option
2019-10-23 Bruce Richardsonbuild: support disabling drivers with meson
2019-07-05 Nicolas Chautrubaseband/turbo_sw: support meson build
2019-06-27 Igor Ryzhovkernel/linux: fix modules install path
2019-03-26 Luca Boccassibuild: use integer for max ethdev ports option
2019-02-27 Luca Boccassibuild: use integers for numerical options
2019-02-26 Chas Williamsbuild: fix options ordering
2019-02-26 Chas Williamsbuild: add option to override max ethdev ports
2019-01-14 Thomas Monjalonconfig: gather options for dlopen mlx dependency
2018-10-27 Luca Boccassibuild: add option to override drivers install directory
2018-09-27 Nelio Laranjeironet/mlx5: support meson build
2018-09-18 Luca Boccassibuild: generate API documentation with meson
2018-09-17 Luca Boccassiigb_uio: install module when building with meson
2018-04-19 Tomasz Duszynskinet/mvpp2: add to meson build
2018-01-30 Harry van Haarentest: build app with meson as dpdk-test
2018-01-30 Bruce Richardsonexamples: build some samples with meson
2018-01-30 Bruce Richardsonbuild: sort meson options alphabetically
2018-01-30 Luca Boccassibuild: add optional arch-specific headers install path
2018-01-30 Bruce Richardsonbuild: add option to version libs using DPDK version
2018-01-30 Bruce Richardsonigb_uio: build with meson
2018-01-30 Bruce Richardsonbuild: add infrastructure for meson and ninja builds