2020-08-03 Olivier Matztest mbuf attach tmp_20200803
2020-08-03 Somnath Koturmbuf: extend meaning of QinQ stripped bit
2020-07-31 Olivier Matzexamples/fips_validation: support self-test only
2020-07-31 Olivier Matzexamples/fips_validation: ignore \r in input files
2020-07-31 Olivier Matzexamples/fips_validation: fix buffer overflow
2020-07-30 Thomas Monjalonversion: 20.08-rc3
2020-07-30 Sarosh Arifdoc: refer to default directory for hugepages
2020-07-30 Sarosh Arifdoc: fix ethtool app path
2020-07-30 Ferruh Yigitdoc: add patch dependency syntax to contributing guide
2020-07-30 Bruce Richardsondoc: fix build when sphinx reports version to stderr
2020-07-30 Ciara Powerdevtools: summarize git log check
2020-07-30 Ciara Powerdevtools: standardize script arguments
2020-07-30 Stephen Hemmingerdevtools: add new SPDX license compliance checker
2020-07-30 Thomas Monjalondevtools: add checkpatch spelling dictionary builder
2020-07-30 David Marchanddevtools: avoid explicit experimental build flag
2020-07-30 Chas Williamsnet/netvsc: fix crash during Tx
2020-07-30 Sarosh Arifexamples/packet_ordering: use proper exit method
2020-07-30 Sarosh Arifexamples: fix port mask parsing failure handling
2020-07-30 Ciara Powerdoc: add more detail to telemetry guides
2020-07-30 Raslan Darawshehdoc: add tested platforms with Mellanox NICs
2020-07-29 Jecky Peinet/kni: set packet input port in Rx
2020-07-29 Yuval Avnerycommon/mlx5: fix regex register layout
2020-07-29 Shiri Kuzincommon/mlx5: fix MAC addresses flush
2020-07-29 Viacheslav... common/mlx5: fix user mode register access command
2020-07-29 Patrick Fuvhost: fix async copy on multi-page buffers
2020-07-29 Chenbo Xianet/virtio-user: check tap system call setting
2020-07-29 Maxime Coquelinnet/vhost: fix interrupt mode
2020-07-29 Maxime Coquelinnet/vhost: fix queue update
2020-07-29 Maxime Coquelinvhost: fix guest notification setting
2020-07-29 Randy Schachernet/bnxt: remove EEM system memory support
2020-07-29 Viacheslav... app/testpmd: fix timestamp init in txonly mode
2020-07-29 Yuying Zhangnet: fix IPv6 checksum with TSO
2020-07-29 Haiyue Wangnet/ice: calculate TCP header size for offload
2020-07-29 Simei Sunet/ice: fix GTPU down/uplink and extension conflict
2020-07-29 Yunjian Wangnet/ice: add memory allocation check in RSS init
2020-07-29 Yunjian Wangnet/ice: fix memory leak when releasing VSI
2020-07-29 Jeff Guonet/ice: fix GTPU TEID hash
2020-07-29 Chenmin Sunnet/i40e: fix bitmap free
2020-07-29 Haiyue Wangnet/ice: fix TCP checksum offload
2020-07-29 Xuan Dingdoc: add vhost multi-queue reconnection issue
2020-07-29 Chenbo Xiavdpa/ifc: support vring update after device config
2020-07-29 Xueming Livdpa/mlx5: fix event queue number query
2020-07-29 Xiao Wangnet/virtio-user: fix status management
2020-07-29 Xueming Livdpa/mlx5: fix completion queue initialization
2020-07-29 Matan Azradvdpa/mlx5: fix notification timing
2020-07-29 Matan Azradvdpa/mlx5: fix steering update in virtq unset
2020-07-29 Sergey Madaminovdoc: add a supported NIC in mlx5 vDPA guide
2020-07-29 Matan Azradvdpa/mlx5: fix live migration termination
2020-07-29 Patrick Fuvhost: fix async callback return type
2020-07-29 Patrick Fudoc: describe async API in vhost guide
2020-07-29 Bing Zhaovdpa/mlx5: fix compatibility with MISC4
2020-07-29 Ajit Khapardenet/bnxt: fix build with extra cflags
2020-07-29 Ajit Khapardenet/bnxt: fix logical AND in if condition
2020-07-29 Somnath Koturnet/bnxt: cleanup VF representor device operations
2020-07-29 Mike Baucomnet/bnxt: enable shadow tables during session open
2020-07-29 Mike Baucomnet/bnxt: add templates for search before alloc
2020-07-29 Kishore Padmanabhanet/bnxt: add TCAM table processing for search and...
2020-07-29 Venkat Duvvurunet/bnxt: fix FW rule deletion on representor create
2020-07-29 Venkat Duvvurunet/bnxt: fix port default rule create/destroy
2020-07-29 Mike Baucomnet/bnxt: modify ULP mapper to use table search
2020-07-29 Mike Baucomnet/bnxt: add shadow table capability with search
2020-07-29 Mike Baucomnet/bnxt: update shadow TCAM to use TruFlow hash
2020-07-29 Kishore Padmanabhanet/bnxt: add egress template with VLAN tag match
2020-07-29 Kishore Padmanabhanet/bnxt: ignore VLAN priority mask
2020-07-29 Kishore Padmanabhanet/bnxt: configure PARIF for egress rules
2020-07-29 Kishore Padmanabhanet/bnxt: fix NAT template
2020-07-29 Venkat Duvvurunet/bnxt: fix mark id update to mbuf
2020-07-29 Mike Baucomnet/bnxt: add TruFlow hash function
2020-07-29 Mike Baucomnet/bnxt: modify ULP mapper to use TCAM search
2020-07-29 Kishore Padmanabhanet/bnxt: configure PARIF for offload miss rules
2020-07-29 Kishore Padmanabhanet/bnxt: add access to NAT global register
2020-07-29 Mike Baucomnet/bnxt: add shadow and search capability to TCAM
2020-07-29 Ophir Munknet/mlx4: fix premature disabling of interrupt
2020-07-29 Yunjian Wangnet/hinic: check memory allocations in flow creation
2020-07-29 Xiaoyun Wangnet/hinic/base: avoid system time jump
2020-07-29 Xiaoyun Wangnet/hinic/base: modify VHD type for SDI
2020-07-29 Xiaoyun Wangnet/hinic: optimize Rx performance for x86
2020-07-29 Xiaoyun Wangnet/hinic: refactor checksum functions
2020-07-29 Dekel Pelednet/mlx5: fix Rx interrupt handling and cleanup
2020-07-29 Jeff Guonet/ice: fix hash action validation
2020-07-29 Qi Zhangnet/ice: remove RSS for SCTP in PPPoE
2020-07-29 Qi Zhangnet/ice/base: fix RSS interference
2020-07-29 Wei Zhaonet/i40e: enable QinQ stripping
2020-07-29 Ciara Loftusnet/af_xdp: remove mempool freeing on umem destruction
2020-07-29 Gregory Etelsonnet/mlx5: fix dynamic inline hint handling
2020-07-29 Viacheslav... net/mlx5: fix metadata storing for NEON Rx
2020-07-29 Viacheslav... net/mlx5: fix UAR memory mapping type
2020-07-29 Shougang Wangnet/i40e: fix hash lookup table
2020-07-29 Jeff Guonet/iavf: delete unsupported RSS types
2020-07-29 Yunjian Wangnet/qede: remove dead code
2020-07-29 Jeff Guonet/iavf: add GTPU in default hash
2020-07-29 Mao Jiangnet/i40e: fix flow director MSI-X resource allocation
2020-07-29 Mao Jiangnet/i40e: fix binding interrupt without MSI-X vector
2020-07-29 Wei Hu (Xavier)doc: update release notes for hns3 driver
2020-07-29 Sachin Saxenadoc: announce dpaa-specific API parameter change
2020-07-29 Raslan Darawshehnet/mlx5: fix VF MAC address set over BlueField
2020-07-29 Alexander Kozyrevnet/mlx5: fix vectorized mini-CQE prefetching
2020-07-29 Junfeng Guonet/iavf: disable simple XOR RSS hash function
2020-07-29 Michael Baumnet/mlx5: optimize stack memory in probe
2020-07-29 Michael Baumnet/mlx5: fix unnecessary init in mark conversion