2013-10-31 Olivier Matzsave fuse prog line in a comment master
2013-10-15 Olivier Matzadd PPM generation support and new spi protocol
2013-10-10 Olivier Matzfix ppm decoding
2013-10-08 Olivier Matztransmit 6 servos instead of 3
2013-10-08 Olivier Matzforce "rising" variable to be 0 or 1
2013-10-08 Olivier Matzfix interrupt locking
2013-10-08 Olivier Matzblink led at startup
2013-10-03 Olivier Matzsend PPM input on SPI
2013-10-03 Olivier Matzadd a 0x00 command that means "I have nothing to say"
2013-10-03 Olivier Matzpoll input capture register
2013-10-03 Olivier Matzuse pullup for input to avoid noise
2013-10-03 Olivier Matzchange prescaler of timer1 from 1 to 8
2013-10-03 Olivier Matzoptimize the bypass mode
2013-10-03 Olivier Matzvolatile is not needed except on variables used in...
2013-09-29 Olivier Matzsupport new board (fpv motherboard v1)
2012-03-22 Fabrice Desclauxrc_servos: fix servo description to match board topology
2012-03-22 Fabrice Desclauxrc_servos: don't forget to poll SPI in bypass mode
2012-03-22 Fabrice Desclauxrc_servos: enable bypass mode by default
2012-02-26 Fabrice Desclauxrc_servos: revert endianess in union structure
2012-02-26 Fabrice Desclauxrc_servos: revert use of registers for global variables
2012-02-26 Fabrice Desclauxrc_servos: use define for bypass command
2012-02-26 Fabrice Desclauxrc_servos: use uint8 in byte0 union
2012-02-23 Olivier MATZrc_servos: using -O3 produce a much smaller code
2012-02-23 Olivier MATZrc_servos: support spi (not tested)
2012-02-23 Olivier MATZrc_servos: implement bypass mode
2012-02-23 Olivier MATZrc_servos: most critical variables as registers
2012-02-23 Olivier MATZrc_servos: first version, generating PWM
2012-02-23 rootinit