beep when GPS ready
[protos/xbee-avr.git] / cmdline.c
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzprevent log flooding
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzuse callout instead of scheduler
2013-10-31 Olivier Matzadd code to load/save configuration in eeprom
2013-09-25 Olivier Matzxbee & spi ok, only ping is not working
2013-09-25 Olivier Matzremove deprecated USE_USB macro
2013-09-25 Olivier Matzfix compilation with latest aversive
2012-03-27 Fabrice Desclauxsupport lolo's board
2012-02-21 Fabrice Desclauxcmdline: replace printf printf_P
2012-02-17 Olivier Matzinit