2014-07-24 Olivier Matzbeep when GPS ready master
2014-07-23 Olivier Matzallow to dump GPS info
2014-07-17 Olivier Matzadd a script for xbee tests
2014-07-17 Olivier Matzadd i2c support
2014-07-17 Olivier Matzupdate notes
2014-05-06 Olivier Matzsq timestamp
2014-05-06 Olivier Matzsq latency
2014-05-06 Olivier Matzrc_proto: allow to disable computation of best power...
2014-05-06 Olivier Matzrc_proto: allow to configure timers
2014-05-06 Olivier Matzgather latency stats
2014-05-06 Olivier Matzcmdline: remove obsolete comment
2014-05-06 Olivier Matzenhance test plan & report
2014-05-06 Olivier Matzfix parsing of xmit status in sendmsg command
2014-05-06 Olivier Matzdump/set rc_mode
2014-05-06 Olivier Matzxbee: always dump rx frame when debug is on
2014-05-06 Olivier Matzcmdline: new rc_proto commands
2014-05-06 Olivier Matzfix xbee_user after rework (e39c5d5)
2014-05-06 Olivier Matzlogs: do not forget to register logs
2014-05-06 Olivier Matzlogs: do not dump file name
2014-05-06 Olivier Matzfix log types in command line
2014-05-06 Olivier Matzadd a complete rc_proto stack (not tested)
2014-04-03 Olivier Matzadd rc_proto log type
2014-03-10 Olivier Matzuse static variables for callout instead of using xbeeb...
2014-03-10 Olivier Matzmove xbee rx in rc proto
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzclean todo list
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzfix range_cb command
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzrework xbee_user: remove the foreground param
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzprintf -> logs in xbee_user
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzprevent log flooding
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzremove mainloop callout manager (all is handled under...
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzuse restore_prio() instead of set_prio()
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzlock irq when retrieving time
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzaccelerate spi
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzfix timer_interrupt
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzmove xbee rx polling in a timer
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzavoid copy by using iovecs
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzmove xbee user code in a separate file
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzprevent going in raw mode when monitor/range is running
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzuse callout instead of scheduler
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzuse callout from aversive
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzparse rx hello frames
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzdisplay prompt after executing commands
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzpropagate error to lower layer (xbee library)
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzadd send_hello command
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzadd a command to dump xbee stats
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzdisplay xbee result in decimal
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzuse xbee module from aversive
2013-11-07 Olivier Matzxbee stats should be u32
2013-11-07 Olivier Matzrc_proto: add license hdr
2013-10-31 Olivier Matzsave some documentation in notes.txt
2013-10-31 Olivier Matzsave fuse prog command line in a comment
2013-10-31 Olivier Matzadd code to load/save configuration in eeprom
2013-10-31 Olivier Matzadd code to control the audio buzzer
2013-10-31 Olivier Matzfix spi event period
2013-10-31 Olivier Matzsend "ATCN" when exiting from xbee raw mode
2013-10-31 Olivier Matzintrooduce spi_servo_dump()
2013-10-15 Olivier Matzadd a command to read/write servo
2013-10-15 Olivier Matznew spi protocol that supports PPM generation
2013-10-10 Olivier Matzsupport servo control through SPI
2013-10-01 Olivier Matzadd missing #ifndef to protect header files
2013-10-01 Olivier Matzfix scheduler unit as we have a 12Mhz quartz
2013-09-25 Olivier Matzxbee & spi ok, only ping is not working
2013-09-25 Olivier Matzremove deprecated USE_USB macro
2013-09-25 Olivier Matzfix compilation with latest aversive
2012-04-03 Fabrice Desclauxcontrol servo 0 with axis 0
2012-03-29 Fabrice Desclauxadd emergency "pop"
2012-03-29 Fabrice Desclauxspi support
2012-03-29 Fabrice Desclauxupdate ldscript
2012-03-29 Fabrice Desclauxupdate ldscript
2012-03-29 Fabrice Desclauxfix bootloader for atm2560
2012-03-29 Fabrice Desclauxfix some carriage return
2012-03-29 Fabrice Desclauxdefault baud rate for xbee is now 57600
2012-03-29 Fabrice Desclauxnew command to change the baudrate of the xbee
2012-03-27 Fabrice Desclauxsupport lolo's board
2012-02-21 Fabrice Desclauxcmdline: replace printf printf_P
2012-02-21 Fabrice Desclauxxbee_neighbor: replace printf printf_P
2012-02-21 Fabrice Desclauxxbee_proto: replace printf printf_P
2012-02-21 Fabrice Desclauxxbee_stat: replace printf printf_P
2012-02-21 Fabrice Desclauxparse_monitor: replace printf printf_P
2012-02-21 Fabrice Desclauxparse_neighbor: replace printf printf_P
2012-02-21 Fabrice Desclauxcallout: replace printf printf_P
2012-02-21 Fabrice Desclauxcommand: replace printf printf_P
2012-02-21 Fabrice Desclauxmain: replace printf printf_P
2012-02-20 Fabrice Desclauxatcmd: fix db command description
2012-02-20 Fabrice Desclauxxbee_recv: fix frame data pointer
2012-02-20 Fabrice Desclauxat query is not NULL when receiving xmit status
2012-02-20 Fabrice Desclauxxbee_proto: fix parsing hdr len
2012-02-20 Fabrice Desclauxxbee_recv: fix data pointer
2012-02-20 Fabrice Desclauxremove cscope
2012-02-20 Fabrice Desclauxrc_proto: packed struct
2012-02-17 Olivier Matzinit