save fuse prog command line in a comment
[protos/xbee-avr.git] / main.c
2013-10-31 Olivier Matzsave fuse prog command line in a comment
2013-10-31 Olivier Matzadd code to load/save configuration in eeprom
2013-10-31 Olivier Matzadd code to control the audio buzzer
2013-10-31 Olivier Matzsend "ATCN" when exiting from xbee raw mode
2013-10-10 Olivier Matzsupport servo control through SPI
2013-10-01 Olivier Matzfix scheduler unit as we have a 12Mhz quartz
2013-09-25 Olivier Matzxbee & spi ok, only ping is not working
2013-09-25 Olivier Matzremove deprecated USE_USB macro
2013-09-25 Olivier Matzfix compilation with latest aversive
2012-04-03 Fabrice Desclauxcontrol servo 0 with axis 0
2012-03-29 Fabrice Desclauxadd emergency "pop"
2012-03-29 Fabrice Desclauxspi support
2012-03-29 Fabrice Desclauxfix bootloader for atm2560
2012-03-29 Fabrice Desclauxfix some carriage return
2012-03-27 Fabrice Desclauxsupport lolo's board
2012-02-21 Fabrice Desclauxmain: replace printf printf_P
2012-02-20 Fabrice Desclauxxbee_recv: fix frame data pointer
2012-02-20 Fabrice Desclauxat query is not NULL when receiving xmit status
2012-02-20 Fabrice Desclauxxbee_recv: fix data pointer
2012-02-17 Olivier Matzinit