beep when GPS ready
[protos/xbee-avr.git] / main.h
2014-07-17 Olivier Matzadd i2c support
2014-05-06 Olivier Matzadd a complete rc_proto stack (not tested)
2014-04-03 Olivier Matzadd rc_proto log type
2014-03-10 Olivier Matzuse static variables for callout instead of using xbeeb...
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzprintf -> logs in xbee_user
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzremove mainloop callout manager (all is handled under...
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzmove xbee rx polling in a timer
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzmove xbee user code in a separate file
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzuse callout instead of scheduler
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzuse callout from aversive
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzpropagate error to lower layer (xbee library)
2014-03-09 Olivier Matzuse xbee module from aversive
2013-10-31 Olivier Matzadd code to control the audio buzzer
2013-10-10 Olivier Matzsupport servo control through SPI
2013-09-25 Olivier Matzxbee & spi ok, only ping is not working
2012-02-17 Olivier Matzinit