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[dpdk.git] / buildtools /
2020-07-30 Bruce Richardsondoc: fix build when sphinx reports version to stderr
2020-07-07 David Marchandbuild: remove special versioning for non stable libraries
2020-07-05 Bruce Richardsonbuild: check AVX512 rather than binutils version
2020-07-01 Bruce Richardsonbuild/pkg-config: prevent overlinking
2020-07-01 Bruce Richardsonbuild/pkg-config: improve static linking flags
2020-07-01 Bruce Richardsonbuild/pkg-config: output drivers first for static build
2020-07-01 Bruce Richardsonbuild/pkg-config: move pkg-config file creation
2020-06-30 Thomas Monjalonbuild: replace meson OS detection with variable
2020-06-29 Tal Shnaidermanbuild: generate version map file for MinGW
2020-05-18 Ferruh Yigitcompat: provide experimental alias for matured ABI
2020-04-25 Haiyue Wangbuild: add internal tag check
2020-03-31 Thomas Monjaloneal: move common header files
2020-02-22 Hemant Agrawalpmdinfogen: add SPDX license tag
2020-02-14 Thomas Monjalonnet/mlx: workaround static linkage with meson
2020-02-14 Thomas Monjalonbuildtools: get static mlx dependencies for meson
2020-02-11 Thomas Monjalonbuild: remove redundant config include
2020-02-06 Bruce Richardsonbuild: allow using wildcards to disable drivers
2020-02-05 Thomas Monjalonbuildtools: allow pedantic empty pmdinfo
2020-01-15 Bruce Richardsondoc: rebuild with meson whenever a file changes
2019-11-28 David Marchanddevtools: move ABI scripts from buildtools
2019-11-26 David Marchandbuildtools: fix build with coverage
2019-11-26 David Marchandbuildtools: fix experimental symbols listing
2019-11-20 Marcin Baranbuildtools: add ABI version check script
2019-11-20 Anatoly Burakovbuildtools: add ABI version update script
2019-11-20 Pawel Modrakbuildtools: add symbols map update script
2019-11-20 Marcin Baranbuild: change ABI versioning to global
2019-11-09 Bruce Richardsonlib: check experimental symbols with meson
2019-11-09 Bruce Richardsonbuildtools: remove make-specific from symbols check
2019-10-09 David Marchandbuildtools: make experimental symbol check lighter
2019-08-05 Stephen Hemmingerremove extra blank lines at end of files
2019-07-02 David Marchandbuildtools: filter out checked symbols for icc
2019-06-29 David Marchandbuildtools: detect discrepancies for experimental symbols
2019-06-05 Bruce Richardsonbuild: generate Windows exports file
2019-05-02 Bruce Richardsonbuild: fix ninja install on FreeBSD
2019-04-17 Bruce Richardsonbuild: increase readability via shortcut variables
2019-04-02 Anand Rawatbuild: add workarounds for Windows helloworld
2019-01-14 Thomas Monjalonconfig: add static linkage of mlx dependency
2018-11-14 Bruce Richardsonmk: allow renaming of build directories
2018-11-12 Ferruh Yigittest: fix build
2018-10-27 Ferruh Yigitbuildtools: fix build for some mktemp
2018-10-22 Anatoly Burakovmk: build with _GNU_SOURCE defined by default
2018-10-11 Neil Hormanbuildtools: prevent experimental symbol match on substring
2018-10-01 Thomas Monjalondevtools: use a common prefix for temporary files
2018-09-17 Luca Boccassibuild: create relative symlinks for PMDs in libdir
2018-07-26 Hemant Agrawalbuildtools: change license to SPDX
2018-07-11 Gavin Humk: fix cross build
2018-05-25 Olivier Matzuse SPDX tag for 6WIND copyrighted files
2018-02-08 Andrew Rybchenkobuildtools: output build failure reason to stderr
2018-02-06 Bruce Richardsonpmdinfogen: fix resource leak of file object
2018-01-30 Bruce Richardsondrivers: improve pmdinfo generation with meson
2018-01-30 Bruce Richardsonbuild: remove architecture flag as default C flag
2018-01-30 Bruce Richardsonbuild: replace license text with SPDX tag
2018-01-30 Bruce Richardsonbuild: symlink drivers to library directory
2018-01-30 Bruce Richardsonbuildtools: build with meson
2018-01-29 Neil Hormanbuildtools: add script to check experimental API exports
2018-01-29 Bruce Richardsonpmdinfogen: allow using stdin and stdout
2018-01-12 Hemant Agrawalpmdinfogen: fix cross compilation for ARM big endian
2018-01-04 Bruce Richardsontools: use SPDX tag for Intel copyright files
2017-11-07 Yong Wangbuildtools: check allocation error in pmdinfogen
2017-11-06 Ferruh Yigitbuildtools: fix icc build
2017-09-14 Harry van Haarenbuildtools: zero elf info variable in pmdinfogen
2017-03-27 Olivier Matzmk: optimize directory dependencies
2017-01-29 Bruce Richardsonbuildtools: allow symlinks within a source directory
2017-01-06 Neil Hormanpmdinfogen: fix null dereference
2017-01-04 Thomas Monjalonscripts: move to buildtools
2016-12-20 Olivier Matzdrivers: advertise kmod dependencies in pmdinfo
2016-12-01 Neil Hormanpmdinfogen: fix endianness with cross-compilation
2016-10-04 Ferruh Yigitpmdinfogen: fix clang build
2016-07-22 Thomas Monjalonunify tools naming
2016-07-10 Bruce Richardsonpmdinfogen: fix build on FreeBSD
2016-07-08 Thomas Monjalonpmdinfogen: fix usage message
2016-07-08 Thomas Monjalonpmdinfogen: fix build warnings
2016-07-06 Neil Hormanpmdinfogen: add buildtools and pmdinfogen utility