vt100: include pgmspace.h as we use PROGMEM macro
[aversive.git] / modules /
2015-03-26 Olivier Matzvt100: include pgmspace.h as we use PROGMEM macro master
2015-03-26 Olivier Matzrdline: move some constants in configuration file
2015-03-26 Olivier Matztest/rdline: update .config
2015-03-26 Olivier Matztest/rdline: fix prototype of complete_buffer
2015-03-26 Olivier Matztests: fix test programs using old uart API
2015-02-08 Gregor Riepli2c: avoif using a poisoned macro
2015-02-08 Gregor Rieplscheduler: avoid using a poisoned macro
2015-01-26 Gregor Rieplconfig: update test config files to current aversive...
2015-01-26 Gregor Rieplihm/menu: fix compilation of test with hostsim
2015-01-26 Gregor Rieplcontrol_system: fix compilation of test with hostsim
2015-01-26 Gregor Rieplmultiservo: update interrupt vector names
2015-01-25 Gregor Riepltimer: fix function definitions for uC having several...
2015-01-25 Gregor Riepltests: fix test programs using old uart API
2015-01-25 Gregor Riepllibc-compat: avoid using poisoned macro
2015-01-25 Gregor Rieplscheduler: uncomment timer.h to fix compilation of...
2015-01-25 Gregor Rieplaes: replace deprecated prog_uint* types
2014-05-24 Olivier Matzerror: fix compilation
2014-05-24 Olivier Matzuart: fix compilation on recent avr-gcc
2014-05-24 Olivier Matzhostsim: rework to have a more precise interrupt emulation
2014-05-24 Olivier Matzcallout: add a new module which is an alternative to...
2014-05-24 Olivier Matzxbee: add a new module
2013-09-29 Olivier Matzparse: support 64 bits parsing
2013-09-29 Olivier Matzfix compilation with new avr-gcc and avr-libc
2013-08-08 Olivier Matzrdline: rename RDLINE_INIT -> RDLINE_STOPPED
2013-08-08 Olivier Matzscheduler: fix compilation on atm328p
2013-08-08 Olivier Matzuart: fix return value of send functions
2013-08-08 Olivier Matzuart: fix compilation on atmega328p
2013-08-08 Olivier Matzsome pgmspace types are deprecated
2010-05-10 zer0beacon, prepare integration
2010-05-09 zer0return 0 on exit
2010-05-09 zer0bad trajectory workaround
2010-05-07 zer0export FIFOs
2010-05-05 zer0quadramp issues -- not really fixed
2010-05-04 zer0fix possible overflow in blocking detection, and reindent
2010-05-03 zer0fix rasta condition
2010-05-03 zer0add a get_State() func
2010-05-02 zer0fix debug trajectory
2010-05-02 zer0scheduler stats
2010-05-02 zer0missing stackdump.h
2010-04-30 zer0remove inline in spi module
2010-04-30 zer0add climb fct
2010-04-30 zer0stackdump
2010-04-29 Olivier Matzserpi mod roll speed; servo pos; ball pos
2010-04-24 zer0debug in trajectory manager
2010-04-17 zer0avant la coupe de belgique
2010-04-13 zer0clothoid
2010-04-13 zer0save
2010-04-11 zer0work on trajectory, update cobboard and ballboard too
2010-04-10 zer0quadramp_indent
2010-04-05 zer0trajectories on hostsim
2010-04-05 zer0merge hostsim in main
2010-04-05 zer0hack to debug spi
2010-04-03 zer0trajectory: follow a line
2010-03-17 Olivier Matzprepare cobboard and ballboard
2010-02-28 zer0work on beacon
2010-02-20 Olivier Matzaddremove
2010-02-20 zer0fix uart recv in non-intr mode
2010-01-29 zer0other proto for circle
2010-01-27 zer0restore first circle algo + hostsim work
2010-01-25 zer0merge
2010-01-25 zer0revert test serpi
2010-01-25 zer0test serpi
2010-01-25 zer0hostsim enhancements, some bugs remaining (freeze somet...
2010-01-24 zer0hostsim enhancements
2010-01-21 zer0work on hostsim
2010-01-20 zer0compilation on host
2010-01-20 zer0first hostsim project
2010-01-19 zer0merge
2010-01-19 zer0command circle set coef
2010-01-19 zer0hostsim test
2010-01-09 zer0better orbiting
2010-01-09 zer0traj circle
2010-01-09 zer0trajectory manager rework
2010-01-09 zer0better compilation on host
2010-01-09 zer0better compilation on host
2010-01-09 zer0better compilation on host
2010-01-09 zer0compilation workaround
2009-12-20 zer0circles intersection and tourel beacon
2009-12-19 zer0remove ~files
2009-12-19 zer0remove CVS
2009-12-19 zer0fixed point in robot system 2
2009-12-19 zer0some work around circles in trajectory manager
2009-12-19 zer0fixed point in robot system
2009-12-19 zer0ini